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Sunday, 31 March 2019

Beijing Asked To Remove Non Relationship Barriers

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Beijing Asked To Remove Non-Relationship Barriers (NTBs) as Pakistani authorities have asked China to remove the non-relationship barriers (NTBs) and create demand for products that will enable the multi-billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to equally succeed in both countries. This institutional demand came from the CPEC Logistics International Forum, a two-day National Commerce Cell (CPEC) Logistics International Forum.

Ahsan Iqbal, Minister of Planning and Development, urged Pakistan to end up in a politically stable environment by ending the "conspiracy theory". The Chinese are in the process of moving their industries to the Far East or Africa if the environment is not helpful in Pakistan, he said.

Physicians intellectuals have misunderstood that the Chinese labor force will come to Pakistan. "The local workforce will be used in CPEC projects," he added.

"In fact, in some cases, the tax on loans that Pakistan can repay has been exempted to reduce project costs and debt," he said. Most of the special economic zones will benefit Sindh and Balochistan, he added.

Former Prime Minister Finance Minister Dr Salman Shah has proposed the creation of the National Integrated Logistics Bureau (NILA) to hold the private sector in the early transition process before private companies can play a leading role.

Dr. Shah said that Pakistan should improve its financial management, especially in relation to CPEC, and reconsider its FTA with China. At the same time, he said the government should start developing the East-West power infrastructure.

Sha spoke about the development of western China, with many people noticing that Kashmir had never taken off, and that Gwadar was developed and operated. In this scenario, it is difficult to talk about trucks and border management facilities and what the trucks will do between Kashmir and Gwadar, he said.

He had a view that Pakistan would use the same Chinese economy as Turkey to benefit the United States from Europe and Mexico.

To this end, Pakistan should expand its national economy from $ 700 billion to $ 1 trillion, create at least 25 million jobs, and secure at least a 5 percent stake in China 's foreign exports, he said.

If Pakistan wants a true dividend from CPEC by the same JV companies for joint venture and supply to the world market through China and Pakistan co-production, he suggests that this goal should be central.

Secretary General of CPEC Commerce Secretary Safdar Sohail said that smooth supply chain and smooth operation of port and border facilities under CPEC are very important. But Pakistan added that it should concentrate more on expanding services exports.

At present, Pakistan has recorded the highest trade deficit in history, under a free trade agreement with China.

He said China has a description of international integration and shares development with the "Japan Belt, One Road" and CPEC initiatives, but trade integration is very limited. The Pak-China FTA was very shallow and even considered the balance of payment problems even with foreign direct investment, he added.

"China has made no effort to promote or create demand for services and goods in Pakistan, even liberalization did not match up with Pakistan," Sowhai said. He said Pakistan should consult with Chinese authorities to eliminate non-trade barriers to Pakistan's products and services. China's opening is very important for this, he stressed.

He urged Chinese authorities to keep promises to create additional demand in China for Pakistan exports. At the same time, China added that NTB for Pakistani businesses and service providers should also be removed.

He said at first he had to send cargo to Zimbabwe even though it was expensive. He suggested that Pakistan should create more space for public sector logistics operations and concentrate trade, export and transportation services as part of the CPEC.

England Team Player Aim To Put SA Under Pressure In Second Test

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England's national team player Aim To Put SA Under Pressure In Second Test

England captain Joe Root decided on Friday that his second test against South Africa will not be his side when he starts at Trent Bridge. Following England's national team player Alastair Cook, his first route was his personal victory with 190 points in 190 innings in his first game in the past week. You can save more than one day.

But England tested eight times last year and the roots were devastated by self-gratification. Root told a news conference on Thursday at Trent Bridge that Britain is aiming for a 2-0 victory in these four games. "It's important that we decide what to do tomorrow morning, we have to move forward for the rest of the game."

Root England helped to reduce the workload of his crew by opening athlete Moeen Ali and England's lefty Liam Dawson, who had ten wickets at the turn in Junior.

"We will go with the same team," Root said. "You can get a big balance when the spin comes in the second half of the game.

"Our patron, this may be a bigger player this week, but it makes me excited. They did a few overshoots during the second inning last week."

One of the witnesses, James Anderson, did not pay much attention to Thursday's swing session, but the anxiety insisted that Britain's prime test witter-taker, who had suffered from groin problems and shoulder problems recently, was fit.

"Today he had a small bowl," Root added. "Jimmy knows his body and has suffered two injury problems this year, I think he is smart about his way of doing things, he's a senior player, and he knows what he's doing."

This game will be the first test at the stunning Trade Bridge two years ago when Stewart Brodie played eight minutes in the home stadium of Nottinghamshire for 15 minutes.

"I am very pleased that Stewart has another opportunity to bowle in his hometown," Root said. "We have played good cricket for the past 4-5 years and want to continue playing this week." South Africa's Faf du Plessis urged Proteas to pass a "giant personality test" on the upcoming fixtures.

Du Plessis did not take the Lord's first test after the birth of his first child.

"We are really excited to be back on the team, and we had a hard time before, and we are not looking good enough to like it, but we are doing another try in cricket and we are looking forward to it." South Africa has a proud test record. In the past 19 years in the last 10 years, they have thirteen in India and ranked 5th in the country in 2015-16 and lost one of them.

But they did not miss out on the opportunity to take Lutz out of the ball with two wickets, and the first ever inning with England's captain of the state (190). "It's a foundation for me, so there's no need to look too much for too much analysis," du Plessis said.

The South African team flicked the game to reduce England to 76-4 on Jehovah's first morning. "There was a time when England felt pressure, and what was disappointing was how quickly they were out." When they threw a punch at us, we never sat down and hoped for a change, It is a place to lose. "


England: Alastair Cook, Keaton Jennings, Gary Ballance, Joe Root (Captain), Jonny Bairstow, Ben Stokes, Moeen Ali, Liam Dawson, Stuart Broad, James Anderson, Mark Wood. South Africa: Dean Elgar, Heino Kuhn, Hashim Amla, Faf du Plessis (Captain), Temba Bavuma, Theunis de Bruyn, Quinton de Kock, Chris Morris, Vernon Philander, Keshav Maharaj and Morne Morkel.

Referees: Simon Fry (Australia) and Paul Reiffel (Australia). TV referee: Sundaram Ravi (India). Game referee: Jeff Crowe (New Zealand).

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Army Being Engaged To Stop Illegal Forest

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Army Being Engaged To Stop Illegal Forest Harvesting: CM

On Thursday, Prime Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said Pakistani troops are involved in the Pakistani army to identify illegal harvests in the Pakistani army and to act against the perpetrators. The CM, in its announcement of its policy statement at the local council, said that political elites and members of parliament approved the forest policy, called the windfall tree, which promoted the "wood mafia" in the past.

"The wood mafia has harvested 200 billion rupees of green trees in the last decade, but the government has not set up windfall trees or other schemes so that the protection of natural forests can disappear quickly.

Khattak said the mountains in Malakand and Hazara areas were numb because they harvested ruthless green trees.

PA Notify Special Contract Employees Normalization.
  • He said that in the last 70 years, about 700 million trees have been planted in the area.
  • Pakistani forces urged to stop illegal harvesting and timber transportation in forest areas.
  • A spokesman for CM said the 1 billion tsunami plantations in the region were very successful.
  • The Pakistani military has been active in the province since 2007 to help militia remove militias.
  • Khattak reports that the World Wildlife Fund has achieved a farm success rate of 80% in tsunami forestation.
  • He added that the project was recognized abroad.

In the one-hour speech, CM announced that the government would normalize the services of temporary and contract employees and upgrade all employees at the same time. He stressed his government's achievements and argued that the province is on the path of progress since the breakthrough reforms in various sectors, particularly health, education, police and industry.

Khattak said industrialists and investors have escaped in 2013 because of lawlessness, robbery and kidnapping. He said it was a serious situation when the PTI was forming a local government in 2013 because the system did not provide it.

"But God has helped us, and the situation has greatly improved." He added that robberies and kidnappings were largely controlled when investors returned. The CM recognized Pakistan's military, police and other law enforcement agencies for its provincial law and orderly achievement.

He said Zarb-i-Azb military operations and border control had a positive impact on migration laws and order. Political interference with the work of police and other departments is over, he added, "progress has been made in law and order reform and reform.

Khattak said his government has done a tremendous service to the Islamization of society. He announced that the government has mandated Nazra-i-Quran to translate the holy Quran from grade 1 to grade 5 and grade 5 to grade 12 at school.

CM declared that interest on private loans was banned, but the dowry system was illegal by law. He said the government had appointed 35,000 teachers and said he had sent 10,000 more.

"All recruitment was done through the National Testing Service."

Khattak said the lack of health care physicians and union staff has ended and qualified doctors are available throughout the province. He said 1.4 million health insurance cards were distributed to the public and more than one million issues are underway.

The CM said it needed 14 billion rupees for repairing damaged equipment and machines in public hospitals and the government allocated 1 billion rupees for it. After discussing the supplementary budget, the house approved 10 grant requests.

Opposition authorities blamed the government for energy policy, planning and development. Speaker Asad Qaisar sits down until 2 pm on Friday... Next page News below.

Global Polio Watchdog Concerned About Missed Children

The IMB has expressed concern about the quality, reliability, capacity and reliability of surveillance data in all areas of the polio eradication program. The convention encouraged countries to review the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) and identify the differences. The committee argued that the number of children not vaccinated in Pakistan is far from home in union councils or elsewhere on the school grounds. Pakistan has urgently needed to review and improve its micro plan.

The report, accompanied by Dawn, said that the number of so-called "guest children" who travel regularly with their families throughout Pakistan and Afghanistan is enormous. There are hundreds of thousands of "guest children" who do not receive the polio vaccine even after the Harvest Vaccination. The two countries should develop a new strategy to solve this problem.

The IMB works on behalf of international donor agencies and publishes reports on national performance every six months. In November 2012, the IMB imposed travel restrictions on Pakistan and finally recommended that the guidelines be enforced on May 5, 2014.

The Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) says that the number of children who are far away from home and are not immunized is too high The last meeting of the IMB was held on May 2-3 in London. At this meeting, teams from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria briefed the board on their performances.

According to a report by Chairman Liam Donaldson, chairman of the IMB, all possible data sources are the level of routine immunization in areas vulnerable to polio in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the World Immunization Federation and immunization (Gavi). "It is a good idea to organize a special committee to make a big difference in performance within the next six months."

The "All Last Virus" report recommended that Pakistan and Afghanistan build an innovative hub system. They should seek input from local residents, individuals outside the public health sector, and young people not familiar with working in formal organizational structures.

At the same time, improvements were recognized. "The IMB is impressed by the overall commitment, dedication and courage of its front line staff and their leaders in each of the three countries. Many of the key areas in these countries are truly unsustainable, unreliable, risky and complex It is full. "

The most recent outbreak of wild polio in Pakistan was reported on February 13, 2017, but virus-positive environmental samples are still found in all three major polio stores.

In Pakistan and Afghanistan, however, the number of wild-type polio cases related to paralysis in 2017 was halved compared to the same period last year, with fewer regions and less viral diversity.

The report insisted that the IMB had a strong impression of a good program when reviewing Pakistan. "Pakistan's polio eradication program continues to benefit from outstanding political leadership." Important and recent innovations in program governance are lower sectoral participation at the local level. Over the past year, this has greatly improved.

"The impression of strong program performance seems to be backed up by data: Pakistan showed two cases of paralytic polio associated with wild polio virus in 2017. Both were outside the endemic reservoir, But Quetta Block and Killa Abdullah still have a wide range of positive samples that have been steadily rising over the last two years in various regions, such as Shaheen Town, Peshawar and Surpal, and Quetta. There is something, "the report said.

"But we have to say that the current scale of environmental sampling is unprecedented: there are now 53 surveillance facilities in Pakistan, which focus on higher-resolution virus circulation than before. In India, the environment was positive for polio virus.

The report expressed concern about missing children in the immunization round, particularly after the completion of subsequent chase activities. Here are the approximate numbers that have not been vaccinated in Pakistan after trying to return to the community to find missed children. 767,000 (low season 2016); 760,000 (high season 2016); 858,000 (low season

Next  UN says 87,000 refugees arrive in Bangladesh from Myanmar

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) -UN says 87,000 refugees arrive in Bangladesh A total of 87,000 Rohingya refugees arrived in Bangladesh after violence broke out in Myanmar on Sunday. Thousands of stateless Muslim minorities have escaped from the Buddhist state and crossed the border since the latest round of fighting broke out, putting pressure on already overcrowded concentration camps in Bangladesh. The United Nations report said it is waiting for more than 20,000 people to gather at the border of Bangladesh and the Rakhine border in western Myanmar.

Dhaka strengthened border control 10 days ago after the violence began. But recently, the Bangladesh border guards seemed to have allowed escaped refugees to come in and the UN said they did not want to prevent recent arrivals from crossing them. Over the past five years, Lakin has been divided by race and religion, but the current violence is still the worst. Many people drowned across the Naf border river. Many people have come across a river in a makeshift boat.

Most of the new arrivals flocked to camp near the border. 

The United Nations says local residents are helping with relief efforts. Rakhine has been a crucible of religious violence since the riot erupted in 2012. Rohingya's score was dead and tens of thousands of people - the majority of Muslim minorities - were forced to move to concentration camps.

When the Rohingya armed forces attacked the remote police zone, killed 15 officials and burned down the town, the latest violence took place. Myanmar's military minister said about 400 people were killed, including 370 Rohinginga militants.

Myanmar security forces have begun a "permit" operation to wipe out the insurgents that seem to be expanding their rankings as the men of Rohingenya hit their grounds. Human rights groups are claiming the Rohingya massacre in a remote village led by Myanmar police, army and Lakan Buddhists. In Myanmar, more than one million Rohingya communities are condemned. Although many people have lived in Myanmar for generations, they are considered illegal immigrants in Bangladesh.

Indonesian Muslim protests against Rohingya persecution

On the third day of demonstrations calling for a strong government stance on Myanmar 's Rohingya Muslim minority persecution, hundreds of Muslim women rallied outside the Indonesian capital' s embassy in Myanmar. Dozens of armed police are guarding the embassy, which covers the barbed wire bombs on the weekend. Protesters organized by a group of Muslims, Rohingia's friends, shouted, "Save Rohingya" and hold a big banner: "Let the people loose the Rohingya Muslims" and "Stop the Muslim massacre in Myanmar" .

Human Rights Watch said satellite imagery revealed a building on fire at Chein Khar Li, the town of Rohingingga. Malavel Yousafzai, the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for blaming the "tragic and shameful treatment" of the Lobelinya minority, said she was waiting for Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi through Twitter. In Australia, about 300 people from the Rohingya community have called for rallies outside the House of Representatives to intervene in the government to prevent violence.

Indonesian Muslims fought against Myanmar's government in Jakarta on the weekend and set fire to four photos and protests this week. Local media reported that a group is planning a demonstration in Borobudur, a famous ancient Buddhist temple in central Java.

"The world is silent in the face of the massacres of Rohingya Muslims," said protest organizer Farida, on Monday. "They were tortured by Myanmar Buddhists and murdered like animals," she told the crowd outside the embassy. "We demand that the government put pressure on Myanmar's Buddhist government, and we demand that we mobilize troops to rescue the Rohingya."

The president of Indonesia held talks with Pakistan to end the violence in Latin countries and to discuss with the foreign minister the issue of the execution of a conquest of the Rohinginga Muslims.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Iraqi Prime Minister urged to Quit as Key

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Iraqi Prime Minister Heidel al-Assad requested that his alliance with a popular cleric, who won the election in May, resign on Saturday because of the collapse of a deadly riot that has shaken southern Iraq. Two lawmakers urged lawmakers to resign after resigning an emergency meeting on the rage of the boiling public in the southern city of Basra.

Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr, a Shiite cleric who received the most support in the election, said the government "apologizes to the people and demands immediate resignation." This announcement severely hurt Abadi's hopes that Abadi would remain in his post through the block described as the largest in Parliament.

Just a few days ago, Sadr and his group, together with over 12 other organizations, A spokesman for Abdul Al-Assadi's Abquest Alliance said 12 protesters were killed in a clash with security forces this week, accusing the government of failing to deal with the Basra crisis.

The pro - Iranian alliance of former paramilitary fighters was on the same track as Sadr 's reformist list and would work together to form a new government, Acadi said.

Abadi, who took third place in the May survey, described his insecurity as a political disruption and defended his parliamentary record, saying that the crisis on public services was being exploited for political purposes. His government announced that he would allocate an unspecified number of additional funds to Basra, but protesters say billions of dollars in emergency funding have not materialized in July.

The residents were upset after the 30,000 people who drank contaminated water in the oil-rich areas of protest against lack of water and electricity, corruption among civil servants and unemployment were admitted to the hospital. According to the Interior Ministry, at least 12 people killed protesters and 50 others were injured in a clash with security personnel.

The attack arose after a day of rage in the southern city, where hundreds of demonstrators attacked the fortified Iranian consulate and sparked accusations without causing casualties. The demonstrations took place in Basra for the first time in July, along with protesters demanding jobs that criticize and demand the corruption of Iraqi authorities.

Swedish prime minister condemned an increasingly popular extremist party.

On Saturday, the Swedish prime minister condemned an increasingly popular extremist party as a racist and threatening factor for European countries. Political candidates have made their final campaign against voters.

The parliamentary elections held on Sunday (today) are the first since the government of Sweden allowed the government to grant 16 million immigrants to 10 million people in 2015. Much less than what Germany did in that year, it became the largest per capita population in Europe.

Immigration reform is expected to decide the vote, even though the number of immigrants arriving in Sweden is sharply limited after the massive European influx. Opinion polls have shown that political parties, including the middle-class leftist party, which favored the existing open policy, have lost support.

The Swedish Democratic Party has taken root in the neoliberal movement and weakened its image and has played a role in breaking the long-forgotten taboo on Sweden's public speaking of immigration and integration without being abstained from racism.

In a heated discussion of Friday evening party leaders, Swedish Democrat leader Jimmie Akesson accused immigrants of having difficulty finding jobs. He said he heard too much saying that "if only migrant workers want a job, everything would be okay."

"It will not happen, it's not what happened," Akeson said. "We have to ask ourselves, why are these people so difficult to get a job because they are not Swedish people? They can not adapt to Sweden, and it is difficult to get a job."

The broadcaster, which broadcasted the TV Debate (SVT), later corrupted his remarks and opposed the democratic mandate of public broadcasters. Akesson argued that state television is not a bilateral relationship. Prime Minister Stefan Lofven described the Swedish Democrat as a racist by a member of the Democratic Social Democratic Party. Lofven accused some of his opponents of being ready to work with a distant party who vowed not to do his party.

"We will not quit one millimeter when we are faced with hatred and extremism," said Lopfen. "Over and over again, they show a racist roots with the Nazis and we are trying to destroy the EU when we need the most cooperation.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Prime Minister May Meet US Vice President on Margins

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Prime Minister may meet US vice president on margins of UN General Assembly

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is expected to meet Vice President Mike Pence at the UN General Assembly in New York. Prime Minister may meet US vice president on margins The meeting is expected to be held on Tuesday as one of the prime minister's most important missions on the UNGA margin.

The prime minister will also meet with UN Secretary General António Guterres and other world leaders. Some meetings are planned. The prime minister, who arrives in New York on Monday, will address the UNGA on Thursday.

Abbas stressed the need for Pakistan and the United States to continue participating ahead of his meeting with Vice President Fenris. Abbas met Ambassador David Hale at the PM House and said "Pakistan and the United States are important in pursuing common goals and common interests."

Last month when President Trump released the US administration's policies on Afghanistan and South Asia, relations between Pakistan and the United States became worse. The policy was a hawkish attempt to deter the Taliban militants in Afghanistan and blame Pakistan for its unfaithful partners in fighting terrorism, with a greater role in India and overall regional security in Afghanistan.

This new policy, shown here as humiliating, has sparked the highest level of rethinking, with Pakistan being rude to sacrifice at the expense of war against terrorism and indifferent to Muslim safety issues.

Although this process has not yet been completed, the signs at the various levels of government are directed at the existing agreement that there is no other choice but to keep in touch with the United States.

Meanwhile, the United States has extended some explanations of President Trump 's policy through diplomatic channels.

The meeting with head of the Palestinian Authority in Abbas will be the highest contact between the two sides since it was announced on August 21. Pakistan has postponed the planned bilateral interactions since its policy announcement. Meetings between Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif and Minister Rex Tillerson are also scheduled.

PM's statement concurred that President Abbas and President Amar Hale should further strengthen the decades-long relationship between Pakistan and the United States through a multi-pronged engagement at the meeting.

An official explained that the Abbas-Pence conference will provide an opportunity to understand the position of the United States and to explain the position of Pakistan on the other side.

Defense Minister Khurram Dastagir told Defense Minister Khurram Dastagir that the United States did not share Pakistan 's threat perception due to Pakistan' s strategic obsession, and that the gap is particularly reflected in regional issues in Afghanistan.

He proposed a straightforward and frank dialogue between the two countries to resolve the gap. He believes that the biggest challenge is to make America aware of Pakistan's security problems. Mr. Abbas met with Ambassador Omar Zakhilwal in Afghanistan in another important engagement ahead of his most important overseas trip since his inauguration last month.

The Prime Minister reaffirmed his support for the reconciliation process in Afghanistan and Afghanistan, stressing Pakistan's commitment to peace and stability in the region and particularly in Afghanistan. Afghan ambassador told Abbas that Kabul is committed to promoting bilateral relations.

Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States have launched a new trilateral mechanism to counter the Daesh threat, despite the problems with their relationship. The three countries have pledged that Afghanistan will hold a trilateral talks to fight the common threat of terrorism.

Declining trend in exports has reversed, says Tariq Bajwa

Pakistan's Finance Minister Tariq Bajwa, Pakistan's finance minister, has seen a 13.2% increase in exports over the past three months. He said key external indicators were positive for the first two months of 2017-18.

The governor said the pace of economic growth accelerated for three consecutive years in 2016-17 as the economy improved and energy supplies improved. The economy grew 5.3pc in 2016-17 compared to 4.6pc in the previous year.

Bajwa pointed out that the easing monetary policy played a key role in boosting private sector credit demand. The policy rate has dropped to 5.75pc from 10pc in October 2014. Record low interest rates helped boost private credit in 2016-17, he said.

The overall expansion of private credit reached Rs. 748.9 billion in 2016-17. "About 40% of credit expansion meant fixed investment."

The actual net retirement in the private sector of Rs. 755 billion from July 1 to September 1, compared to net retirement of Rs 244.43 billion in the previous year, It shows that it borrowed. In terms of agriculture, we are in a low productivity economy, and SBP is doing anything to improve it," he said. He said availability of credit is one aspect. The government set a target of A $ 110 million, but it was a broad target, he added.

"Last year's goals were largely met, but the number of borrowers actually declined." He pointed out that money is going to the process, not the process.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Govt Decides Not To Remove SECP Chief

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Despite the provisions of the SECP law in 2016, the finance minister decided not to suspend or withdraw the chairman of the SEC, who named the SEC Securities and Exchange Commission's SEC staff on Wednesday. Committee's Code of Conduct.

Later in the afternoon, an e-mail was circulated to all employees at SECP headquarters, requesting that the president be gathered in the main office and referred to the president.

In a speech, Hijazi announced that the SECP announced a bonus of 1.5 times higher than last year to announce bonuses to its employees.

In addition, he announced that he would require employees to abide by the SECP Code of Conduct and that the committee will remain chairman to become a powerful and effective regulator.

A senior Bush administration official said one of the Code of Conduct provisions states: "Employees are obliged to refuse any effort by the executive or legislative branch of the government to influence independent decisions on a matter. It is becoming. "

Excluding bail, Hijazi announces higher bonuses than last year and encourages employees to follow the Code of Conduct.

The official also referred to the FIR's registration of the SECP's Supreme Court and the Chairman of the Manual of Human Resources Manual, and the FIR said that its subordinates were registered with the Chairman, who forced them to sign a past order.

Section 6.3 (m) of the HRM said "intimidation or intimidation of employees or persons within the boundaries of committees."

"However, if such rules are applicable to employees, they are also applicable to committee chairpersons and chairpersons."

SECP's external communications department did not answer questions that the Code of Conduct and the various provisions of the HRM were also applied to the president.

For his employees, Hijazi announced that he was not resigning or running away.

He probably referred to the Treasury Secretary when a pastor's senior official told Dawn he had no consideration for the matter.

"No quarter has been discussed about releasing or withdrawing Mr. Hijazi, but at the same time there is no legal binding force to take action," the official said.

Section 18 (a) of the SECP Act (amended) in 2016 states that "persons who have been convicted of a membership and commissioner's offense - a crime related to moral psychology can not be appointed or continue to be appointed as members or commissioners" .

Umar Umar, a member of the finance committee, said the Treasury Secretary should appoint a SECP chairperson to at least respect the respects of the corporate sector regulators.

One of the PTI's leaders said, "The FIR for him is not filed by anyone or an unfounded statement, but is registered under the Supreme Court's order, so he should take action against him." "What is the impression of the government that the regulator's chairman is involved in fraud and manipulation?"

Umar said the legality dictionary has the term 'moral mental illness' used in criminal law to describe acts that are considered to be contrary to the community standards of fairness, honesty and goodness.

He also mentioned SECP HR manual 6.6. 'Proposed staff to proceed may have immediate effect and may be suspended.'

However, the SECP chairperson has begun preparing to face his case in court through a collection of records, and the SEC staff said Hijazi had a meeting with Murshed Ahmad Khan, head of the IT department.

A senior SEC official expressed concern about the Commission's suspicions and mistrust that "the Commission is circulating a rumor that the Justice Department is collecting data from all related officers who have made statements about the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case."

Army Chief Calls For Open Debate On CPEC

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Army Chief of Staff Qamar Bajwa wants civilian agencies to make the plan and take full advantage of the opportunity to come to China because of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and to call for open discussions on various aspects of the project.

General Bajwa said in a keynote speech at a seminar hosted by the National Logistics Cell on Wednesday that "leadership, collaborative spirit and ability development are required at a much faster pace and level" CPEC benefits .

The army chief said that while the army was providing security to the project, "other national institutions should move forward and play their respective roles."

He emphasized twice the need for "national institutions" to fulfill their roles in order to obtain optimal benefits from the opportunities provided by CPEC. "As a nation, we can benefit from this historic opportunity if we are prepared to accept it," he said in a speech. "All national institutions should intentionally work to make CPEC successful."

Chinese and Pakistani officials say the CPEC project is running smoothly, but private-minded bureaucrats point out a problem in the implementation of multi-billion dollar infrastructure and linking projects.

I have no doubt about the willingness of this project in Pakistan.

Gen Bajwa, who lists some areas that needed government attention, said more attention is needed to educate, train and develop youth. Improve existing laws and regulations to promote trade and investment and infrastructure development. He emphasized the need for a "unified development system" and said that industrial and urban development is necessary to transform the "trade corridor" into an economic corridor.

Analysts believe the project is weighting due to the lack of clarity about federal and state coordination, projects and transparency issues.

The Army Chief of Staff called for more comprehensive public debate on "all aspects of CPEC," enabling it to establish policies that are most appropriate for the country.

Analysts say this demand for public debate on CPEC is unprecedented.

Improved security
Saying that Pakistani military officers are committed to providing security, and are making clear their constant efforts to make Pakistan a country without terrorism and extremism. "

"Pakistan is much safer than before, peace has been restored with Fatah, and the summit is returning to Karachi, the economic center of Pakistan ... as has the law and order of Balochistan improved."

He reaffirmed his commitment to CPEC, "The army and law enforcement authorities are vigilant and have decided to provide CPEC with absolutely secure security. No one doubts our commitment to the project."

In addition to mentioning the need for reform, India has taken a step to pursue a dispute agenda in India.

"CPEC also confirms our commitment to a peaceful and prosperous region. Unlike some countries in South Asia, we believe that we focus our energy on peace and inclusiveness rather than divisive competition."

India, which is currently in close contact with Pakistan, is in a tense relationship with China over the Sikkim border dispute. India dispatched infantrymen to the Sikkim border.